“Shipping and Cruises Medical Services” was founded in 2015 by Dr. Melas Konstantinos, MD. For years, Dr. Melas himself has been involved in the business of offering medical services to both crews and passengers of cruise and commercial ships as well. Since its establishment, “Shipping and Cruises Medical Services”, has a steady co-operation with “ATHENS MEDICAL GROUP”, which is by far the largest medical services company in Greece. Specifically, the “IATRIKO PALAIOU FALIROU” Medical Clinic which belongs to this group and which is located just 15 minutes driving distance from Greece’s main harbor of Piraeus it has already accepted and successfully treated more than 2000 patients originating from cruise or commercial ships the last two (2) years.

Being fully aware of the time constraints that cruise ships need to meet regarding their stopovers in harbors such as Piraeus, we have specifically organized an autonomous medical system-protocol for handling the international patients that is crew members and passengers as well. The set of all needed procedures to be followed is carried out by a specialized team of personnel that undertake the fast processing of all medical incidents. High priority is given, not only to the medical laboratory tests and physical examinations along with any needed medical imaging procedures, but also to the processing of the administrative procedures like the issuing of the fit-to-travel and/or fit-for-duty certificates. Furthermore, direct contact with their insurances is provided, either for financial details or for repatriation details. In case that communication with embassies or consulates is needed regarding special arrangements, our company will also handle such occurrences.

Our personnel is multilingual and fluent in many languages such as English, French, Italian, Spanish, German, Russian, Turkish and Chinese. Our medical team is composed of excellent MDs of all specialties and it is well tuned in providing full 24/7/365 coverage for medical incidents.

We fully undertake the procedures regarding the reception of the patients directly from the port, with ambulance or other special car, and also their return to the ship or to their countries, provided with their full medical files if so needed.  By acknowledging the differences between patients of different cultures, special care is taken by our trained personnel for their proper assessment and psychological welfare.

The principles upon which our company is founded, which are also the guiding principles for our personnel, both medical and administrative, are honesty, sincerity and sole focusing to the values of the medical profession.